About Me

Brief Background

My name is Harry. I’m in my mid-twenties and currently living in London. I have a background in sport having played competitive tennis growing up, reaching a national level. I studied Sport and Exercise Science at university, and I am now working in London as a Sports Trader.

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My Job

The reason I started Get Up and Go is really due to the nature of my job. I’ve worked as a Sports Trader for over two years in North London. I work across different time zones every week and as a result my sleeping pattern is often fairly inconsistent and disrupted. For example, if I’m working on an Asian sports fixture, I will often start work at 3AM. Then the next week, I could be working on the American time zone and going in to work at 9PM. As much as I love my job, these shifts can be a real struggle sometimes.

Initially, I’d be rolling out of bed and walking into work in a zombie-like state; not being fully switched on, just wanting to crawl back into bed. I’d be hitting the snooze button multiple times before actually getting out of bed… which was not until the very last minute.

No one enjoys feeling groggy, and I was experiencing this grogginess at 4am when my friends still had another few hours in bed! However, having just arrived in the working world, I quickly realised most people I knew hated mornings regardless of what time they started work. They would just do exactly the same thing as me. Rushing through the first part of your day, and blunder through the morning waiting for lunch hour to arrive.

So what I wanted to really see if there were techniques and routines I could incorporate into a morning routine to allow myself to be as energetic and alive as possible. What would allow me to start my day off in the best way, and give me a chance of a lifestyle full of vitality?

I began experimenting! I discovered things that helped enormously with my energy levels, mood and general well-being. For example, the first technique I adopted was simply drinking half a litre of water within the first five minutes of waking. Even though this was at 2:45AM, I felt infinitely more energised for my 4AM work shift than I had done ever before. I obviously knew about the importance of hydration, but why hadn’t I been doing this before on mornings? Was it laziness or simply just forgetting?

I wanted to find what else I could do in the morning to help me feel even better, and so I began reading heavily on the subject. I wanted to create a morning routine I could trust and know was actually benefiting me… benefiting me to the point where I would feel significantly more vital every day. In fact, writing this right now is the bi-product of establishing myself a specialised morning routine which I believe has given me the energy and time to create Get Up & Go.



I believe a morning routine can always be tweaked and improved to suit the owner. I am certain my morning routine isn’t perfect. However, through researching and experimenting with different techniques that I may find through books, the internet, podcasts and hopefully you, the public… Together we can help each other build our own killer morning routine.



To research, analyse and discuss ways to improve a morning routine to live a life full of vitality.

***Vitality: the state of being strong & active; energy.